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BLGuitar has Over 150 free guitar lessons online, free video guitar lessons, easy beginner lessons and songs, chords, scales and theory. You will also find links to the best guitar sites on the web along with information on taking guitar lessons in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Learn the Notes on the Guitar
The first step in learning the guitar fretboard, should be to learn the names of all the open (unfretted) strings.

Erik Mongrain: Warmups and Finger Exercises
Erik demonstrates how he gets warmed up. He also shows some exercises that build muscle and finger dexterity

Beginner Strumming Pattern
Rock Strum Guitar Lesson with Mark McKenzie.
Free Video Guitar Lesson

Guitar Modes
The Modal System a Quick Overview - Free Guitar Lesson

Blues Licks
Heres a few easy blues guitar riffs in E by Brett...

How To Change Guitar Strings
Changing your guitar strings might make you feel a litte uncomfortable if you have never done it before, but it's really quite simple and should become a regular part of your guitar care routine. Before you do anything...

Popular Guitar Lessons

Mark Brennan: Blues Scale Basics

Mark Brennan: Blues Scale Basics
Learn some blues basics with hammer-ons, pull-offs, and vibrato. The E minor Blues Scale used for example.

How to Tune a Guitar
Beginner lesson covering different guitar tuning methods, including unison tuning or "tuning by ear" with mp3 sound and how to tune with harmonics.

Coping with Stagefright
Does the thought of playing your guitar in public give you the willies? Stagefright is a common experience among musicians.

Finding a Guitar Teacher
Finding a good teacher is not always easy, at any level. At the beginner level it is important to get on the right foot and as an intermediate player you need to know that your teacher really knows his or her stuff...

Major Guitar Chords
One of the most important parts of playing the guitar is the ability to play chords. - Beginner lesson on guitar chords G, C and D...

Speed Scale Exercise
This is an excellent scale pattern for developing guitar picking speed, and good technique for both hands!

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