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Tips on buying guitars

Buying A Guitar?

Helpful articles on which guitar to learn on and tips on buying a new guitar to choose a guitar that suits you best.

Learn the notes on guitar - Lesson

Notes on the Guitar

The first step in learning the guitar fretboard, should be to learn the names of all the open (unfretted) strings.

Blues Scale Basics Video
Video Lesson By Mark Brennan

Blues Scale Basics

Learn some blues basics with hammer-ons, pull-offs, and vibrato. The E minor Blues Scale used for example.

Online Guitar Tuner

Free Online Guitar Tuner

Beautiful and accurate tones, with an interface that is simple to use and free!

Caged Guitar Method
CAGED Guitar Method

CAGED Guitar Method

The CAGED system is a methodology which can be used to learn every note on the fret board and just about any scale.

AC/DC Style Video Lesson
AC/DC Style Video Guitar Lesson

AC/DC Style Video Lesson

AC/DC Artist Study: Angus Young Licks by Prashant Aswani

Find a Guitar Teacher

We have links to the best guitar sites on the web along with information on taking guitar lessons in Colorado.

More Songs

We are working hard on adding more songs with guitar tab and accompanying video lessons.

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Responsive website design for any device along with free apps for guitar tuning, metronome and chord finders.