Free Advanced Guitar Lessons

  • Flat Picking Tips
    Flatpicking tips for the acoustic guitar by Lee Griffith

  • Caged Guitar Method
    The CAGED guitar system is a methodology which can be used to learn every note on the fretboard and just about any scale. Its name is an acronym for the five basic chord shapes which form the basis of the system...

  • Memorizing Music
    When memorizing music there are several things you can do that will make your job that much easier. Memorizing music is important as most people know you play better when having the music in your head rather than having your head in the music. So where to start when memorizing music effectively?

  • Creating a Home Studio
    Perhaps you have always wanted to record yourself or your band. Now is the perfect time to learn how you can do it. Here are some cost effective ways to get your music heard...

  • Copyright Basics
    Copyright Basics for Songwriters - By Kathy Unruh

  • Scale Sequences
    Practicing Guitar Scales in Sequences. The A Minor Pentatonic Scale is used for example purposes but this practice technique can be applied to all scales.

  • The Modes
    The Modal System for Guitar - A Quick Overview of the seven modes.

  • Pentamodal Method
    Pentamodal Idea - by Paul Tauterouff
    Note: Prior knowledge of the five Minor Pentatonic box patterns and the 7 modal shapes is helpful for understanding this lesson, but not absolutely necessary.

    Objective: To help guitarists already familiar with the pentatonic scale to learn and utilize the modes in their lead guitar playing.

  • Guitar Mode Mystery
    The best way to think of modes are as scales. These scales, like the pentatonic or major scale can be mapped out on the fretboard. Think of the modes as "flavors" of the major and natural minor scales.

    See also Modal Theory 1

  • Speed Scales
    Realizing speed really comes with the proficiency of the picking hand, not the fret hand.

  • Discover Your Discomfort
    Why Are So Many Guitarists Masochists? - By Jamie Andreas
    Jamie explains some powerful ideas for anyone who wants to see RESULTS from their guitar practice, and really learn how to play the guitar well. In other words, the guitarist who wants to do what I call CORRECT PRACTICE.

  • C scale in 3rds
    Natural Note Scale - Cmajor scale Played in 3rds (3rd intervals) Once you get the hang of this exercise, try moving to other keys. This scale is a good practice tool for ear training and learning different intervals - major 3rd vs. minor 3rd (or flat 3rd) as the jazz guys would say.

  • Diminshed Pinky Strength
    Here is a diminished guitar scale to practice. Use only your 1st and 4th fingers and build up that pinky strength.

  • Choosing Microphones
    How To Choose Your First Microphone for Your Recording Studio

  • Using a Capo
    Switch things up a bit, use a capo! A capo is a mechanism that will change the pitch (higher, and lower sounds) of your open strings without the trouble of having to transpose the key of the song.

  • Guitar Humidification

  • Pentatonic & Blues Shapes

  • 5 Pentatonic Post.

  • Intervals Introduction

  • Lost in Time

  • The Keys

  • Circle of 5th's

  • Suspended Chords
    Suspended chords can be used in variety of ways because they are not considered major or minor. The reason they are “suspended” between the two is due to the missing 3rd, which would normally determine whether a chord is major or minor....

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