Guitar Chords

Guitar Chord Types

Part #1 - Major, Minor, 7ths

Guitar chords are grouped according to their sound and notes used. There are five main types of chords: Major, Minor, Dominant 7th, Augmented, and Diminished. For now we will work with the more popular Major, Minor and Dominant 7th Chords and the Augmented and Diminished chords will come later.

» Major chords sound bright or happy

» Dominant 7th chords sound similar to major chords except they have a lot of tension, or bluesy kind of feel. A "7th" Chord is like combining a Major and Minor together. They can be thought of as a bridge between Major and Minor.

» Minor chords sound dark or sad.

Play each chord below and listen to the different feel they have.

E chord types
D chord types


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