The "F" Guitar Chord

F Chord This chord has been saved for a while because it can be somewhat difficult for a beginning guitarist. A certain amount of finger conditioning is usually required first. The F Chord involves a new concept, using one finger to press down frets on two strings. This is called a Barre, when you use one finger to press down more than one string. Start by placing your first finger on the first frets of both the first and second strings.

Now, it helps to slightly angle your finger back (towards the headstock of the guitar). Next, add your second finger and third fingers. You will probably need to use extra pressure on the neck with your thumb at first. Strum only the four strings. Chances are, at first, not all the notes will ring when trying to strum this chord. Check to make sure your second and third fingers are curled, and not flattened against the other strings of the guitar. The "F" guitar chord can be a tough one, and usually requires extra patience.

Try practicing the exercise below for a while, picking each individual string of the F chord. Use the correct fingers and eventually you should be able to keep all your fingers on the frets without picking any up.

e|--------------1---|---1--------------| B|----------1-------|-------1----------| G|------2-----------|-----------2------| D|--3---------------|---------------3--| A|------------------|------------------| E|------------------|------------------|

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