The Natural Note Scale

- By Brett Alan

This is a good scale for learning the notes, getting your fingers loosened up and general practice. Use Alternate picking (back and forth, down-stroke, up-stroke, etc…) for this scale.

Natural Note Scale – Starting on the Sixth String

|-------------|-------------|-------------|--------0----| |-------------|-------------|-----------0-|--1--3-------| |-------------|-------------|-----0--2----|-------------| |-------------|--------0--2-|--3----------|-------------| |-----------0-|--2--3-------|-------------|-------------| |--0--1--3----|-------------|-------------|-------------| E F G A B C D E F G A B C D E

The term Natural note means no sharps or flats.
The natural notes are: A,B,C,D,E,F,G “no H, W, Y, or Z”.

Remember: You should always use alternate picking and one finger per fret. Use the finger that corresponds with that fret. For Example:

1st Fret - 1st Finger
2nd Fret - 2nd Finger
3rd Fret - 3rd Finger
4th Fret - 4th Finger

Natural Note Scale